— Story —


Cleveland native Fabio Mota is Chef/Owner of the newly renovated Club Isabella.

“Good food and family was my household,” comments Mota.  Nightly dinners were the only hard and fast rule for us growing up.  After college, he decided to educate himself in food technique and attended the famed Cordon Bleu in Paris, France.

Upon graduation, Chef Mota returned to Cleveland and began stints in the various kitchens that would allow Clevelanders the opportunity to taste his fair, but more importantly to meet the person behind the food.  After making Sous Chef at Johnny’s on Fulton, he quickly to rose to Executive Chef at Johnny’s Bistro.  

Ultimately, his dream of owning his own restaurant with his own personality, really telling his own story, led him to buy in as part owner of the now razed original Club Isabella.  But that was not enough.  “I loved the history of the original CI,” says chef Mota, “but I still wanted my own place.  There was an expectation of certain dishes at the original and I wanted to honor that, but really I wanted to feed people new things, to turn known ingredients on their head, to show the rest of the world that Cleveland can serve upscale gourmet our way, in a non-stuffy, non-pretentious way.”  

That desire has been realized at the freshly minted Club Isabella, just a few blocks way from the original site.  Worldly cuisine grounded in French technique. Fresh ingredients combined in unique and ingenious way…